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German Pavilion at Trenchless World Congress 2017

25 – 27 September 2017 – Medellin, Colombia

Central S.A.S.

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Central SAS is a Colombian company with over 50 years of experience in the importation, sales and services of construction equipment.

In 1995 we were pioneers in the introduction of the trenchless technology for installation and renewal of underground pipes for water, sewer, electricity, telecommunications and gas. Since then, we have been working with utilities companies, municipalities and contactors, in the use of this technologies and methods that minimize the impact of the traditional trenching methods for the installation and renewal of pipes, in congested urban areas.

We are distributor of TRACTO-TECHNIK, German leading company, worldwide known for the innovation and high quality in manufacturing trenchless equipment. We offer wide range of piercing tools, pipe bursting systems and HDD equipment.

Trenchless equipment
Piercing tools, pipe bursting systems, pipe cracking systems, HDD equipment. For installation and renewal of underground utilities pipes.

Central S.A.S.
Avenida Américas 36-11
Bogotá DC 111611

Phone: +571 3690500
E-mail: info@centralsas.com
Internet: www.centralsas.com


Schauenburg Maschinen- und Anlagen-Bau GmbH

Booth number: 99

For more than 50 years Schauenburg MAB develops, manufactures and supplies machinery for the classification and separation of solids.

The innovative MAB separation plants for tunneling and microtunnelling with throughput capacities up to 4.000 m³/h operate successfully for the regeneration of bentonite slurries. MAB plants have proved their effectiveness on numerous construction sites worldwide.

Performance reserves available in each process stage of the MAB plants guarantee exceptional flexibility when handling changing ground conditions.

MAB plants are operating on every continent of our earth.

Our construction site is the world.

Bentonite slurry is used in tunnelling as a stabilising medium for the working face of Hydro- and Mixshields in tunnelling and microtunneling and as a conveying medium for the discharge of the excavated material. Once having fulfilled its duty this fluid must be cleaned and recovered.

The design of the MAB plants always provides separation results with constant quality even in times of peak performance. Two in-line hydrocyclone stages ensure a perfect separation cut and contribute to a reduction of bentonite loss. Consequently, the costs for waste management and for drilling fluid additives are minimised.

The innovative MAB separation plants with throughput capacities up to 4.000 m³/h operate successfully on numerous tunnelling and microtunneling sites worldwide.

Schauenburg Maschinen- und Anlagen-Bau GmbH
Weseler Str. 35
45478 Mülheim-Ruhr

Phone: +49 208 99910
Fax: +49 208 592409

E-mail: sales@schauenburg-mab.com
Internet: www.schauenburg-mab.com